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Live Your Life - Motivation to Change

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Yours dependably,
Stefan Ivanonv.
{hasan ivanov}

What Words Can Do For Your Subscriber Growth Rate: One Organization’s Discovery

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) has been running a successful email marketing campaign for awhile now. Subscribers are coming in steadily, open rates are looking good and everyone seems to be happy.

But a team of us here took a look their campaign and pointed out some areas that could be improved, specifically the sign up process, and the changes they made brought a significant increase in subscriber growth.

Are you getting as many subscribers as you could be? Have you asked others to look at your email sign up process to make sure it’s easily understood? A simple change could bring more growth. Find out what common mistakes they had on their email sign up page and how it can be fixed.

This is what SCARS sign up page looked like before we suggested changes:

Click to enlarge

First, the good: We were all happy to see SCARS setting expectations by explaining their monthly e-newsletter and even providing a link to their broadcast archive.

Now, the bad: We found the wording that described the newsletters to be a little confusing. It first talks about the membership newsletter, which is delivered by postal mail, followed by the sentence that pitches the e-newsletter.

When we originally read it, a number of us were confused as to how often newsletters were sent and what was the difference between the membership newsletter and e-newsletter.

Here’s SCARS sign up page after implementing our suggestions:

Click to enlarge

What’s been changed: The description now clearly differentiates the e-newsletters from the membership newsletters. It’s easy to figure out what your options are as a visitor and how to get what you want.

After the new wording had been live for a month, the opt-in rates of that month were compared to the month prior to the changes. The month with the changes brought a 46% increase in subscribers. The SCARS staff was very appreciative of the suggestions, and we were happy our suggestions brought such a positive outcome.

By changing their wording and making the page a little easier to understand, SCARS is now able to convert more visitors into subscribers.

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